group meditations

During a Reiki meditation, large emotional and spiritual shifts can be facilitated as the practitioner channels Reiki energy into the space, shifting the particles, presence and the auras of the setting and the individuals participating.

Meditations are a great way to be introduced to Reiki healing, at a lower price, and in a less personal environment.


No touch is necessary. A small amount of touch may be involved if a participant consents.


Those participating are led through a meditation visualizing the chakras and other imagery, radiating energy inward to the self, into the earth below and outward to the world around us. An intense clearing can be realized.


A feeling of deep relaxation and connectedness is part of the Reiki experience in the present, and transformation can unfold in the days afterwards.

Reiki Clinics are public events in community spaces, where participants can receive a short private energy healing or bodywork session and have the opportunity to experience healing energy, without cost.

Anew Reiki has collaborated with healers in the past to create spaces for the public to access Reiki, body work and energy work.

Anew Reiki is offering free distance Reiki on Saturdays during the pandemic. Email to schedule or for more information.

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reiki clinics

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