reiki attunements

A Reiki attunement is a ceremony that opens the hands, mind and body to channel Reiki life force energy. Attunements will also include information on Reiki, guided meditation to connect with Chakras, workshop time on how to use Reiki, and receiving of books and/or spiritual tools.

Anew Reiki offers sliding scale pricing for group attunements, to keep the practice accessible.


Reiki Level 1 / Introduction

In this level, the individual receives the ability to channel Reiki in order to heal their self, and inanimate objects. 

Reiki Level 2 / Practitioner Level

In this level, the individual receives the ability to channel Reiki in order to heal other people and animals. The first set of sacred Reiki symbols are passed on.

Reiki Level 3 / Master Level

In this level, a larger channel is opened within the individual in order to receive a stronger charge of Reiki energy. Another set of sacred Reiki symbols are passed on. The individual is also taught how to hold an attunement ceremony.


"After meeting Ana at an energy workshop where they did Reiki on me, I mentioned wanting to attend a class so I could learn how to do Reiki. A few weeks later I found myself at a Level 1 Reiki class getting my first attunement provided by Ana. The space was inviting and warm. Ana made sure to walk us through the attunement process and provided us with plenty of information. We were also provided with lovely Russian Sage smoke cleansing sticks made by Ana and a book to continue our Reiki education. I would recommend a class with Ana to anyone looking to be introduced or continue practicing reiki." - Katya

I participated in Ana’s first Reiki attunement ceremony! Their guided meditations were visually stimulating, and they created a safe physical and emotional space for everyone involved. I am always blown away by their articulate and supportive expression.” - Alicia

If you are interested in scheduling an attunement for you and/or a group of friends, you can send an email to