the intention

Anew Breath creates a trauma-informed space for queers and GNC people to work collaboratively in order to experience the self-actualization, healing and regeneration process.

All sessions are currently distance, via voice or video.

healing sessions

Body-Based Energy Work

A combination of Usui Reiki-inspired energy work, elemental magic, guided visualization and somatic practice. With a focus on the body, we will explore the physical container of body.

Common topics are: physical pain linked to emotional distress, support (but not treatment) for medical concerns, boundaries, empath empowerment, ancestral lineage, etc.

$40-60 for 30 minutes

$60-100 for 60 minutes

$90-120 for 90 minutes

Transformative Collaboration

A combination of energy work, physical embodiment, guided visualization, connection with spirits, mediumship, divination and ritual. We will co-create a metaphysical container to ask questions, receive support, engage with curiosity and be guided in new directions.



Common topics are: boundaries, grounding, life path, identity, transitions, communication,  connecting with spirits, empath empowerment, relationships, self-love, etc.

$80-100 for 60 minutes

$120-150 for 90 minutes

Package: $350 for three 90 minute sessions (payment plan available)

To schedule a session, email Upon scheduling, you will be asked to pay a $20-30 deposit that goes towards total price.

Creating goals and intentions together, through collaboration is ideal to the healing process. What we discover could come to us as visual, audible, metaphorical, symbolic, elemental, magical, physical, spirit and/or ancestral messages.

Anew Breath has a commitment to challenging white supremacist, cis-hetero patriarchal, able-ist, femme-phobic, fat-phobic, capitalist, colonial, carceral notions of "healing". However, it is consistent work to counter these oppressive paradigms, and perfection is unattainable.

20% of all monthly proceeds will be donated to organizations that support Black and Indigenous, Queer and Trans communities and individuals, such as the Trans Women of Color Collective and MIGIZI.

If you have a good and/or service to offer, trades are possible.

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Ana is a white queer and non-binary artist, energy worker, educator, caretaker and academic with ancestral roots in Scandinavia and western Europe living on stolen lands of Turtle Island.

Ana has been working with ancestral connection since childhood when they spontaneously became interested and fixated on learning Swedish. They currently spend much time studying the magical, energetic and spiritual practices of Scandinavia.

Astrology is a big love and interest. Ana has:
Scorpio sun (and stellium), Cancer moon, Leo rising.


Present Clinical Counselor at Soleil Psychotherapy

2022  Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy

2021-2022 Art Therapist and Mental Health Counselor With Teens and Young Adults

2018-2022  Early Childhood Educator

2021  Certificate in Somatic Psychotherapy

2014-2021  Visual and Performing Arts Educator for all ages

2019  Ancestral Connection and Elemental Magic Mentorship with Maeanna Welti

2018  Trauma-Informed Usui Reiki Level 2 with Courtney Cobbs, LSW

2017-2018  Usui Reiki Levels 1-3 with Tiffany Ketchmark

2017  Ancestor Altar Building Workshop with Kimberley M. Harmon

2012-2016  Visual and Performing Artist and Arts Organizer

2014  Undergraduate Degree in Fine Arts and Art Education

client experiences

Ana is a gifted practitioner. They are open, caring, and nonjudgmental. While laying on Ana's table, I have experienced profound and healing sensations and imagery that have stayed with me. Each time I leave Ana's table, I go into the world more clear and prepared to meet both my joys and challenges.” —  R.T.

“The care and intuitive nature that Ana possesses as a healer gives me a great sense of safety that has allowed me to dive into new ways to approach working with balancing myself as a whole being. They tune into the imagery that I use myself and it feels deeply personal. Working at a distance and in-person with Ana has a gentle power that feels inviting and sacred. If you are seeking someone to work with in your journey, I highly recommend Ana.” —  C.A.

After my first ever Reiki session with Ana I became convinced of the efficacy and value of the healing practice. I felt definite shifts in energy throughout my body and mind as well as “colors” that eased me towards a path of healing.” — B.T.

I was rather impressed by how Ana was willing to have an open discussion about an energy blockage and how to address it directly. They are so kind and sweet, reaffirming my own journey to alignment and peace.” — C.C.